Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Announcement of 25% tax rebate on buying new vehicles. Registration of 53 lakh vehicles canceled in Delhi

The budget has also announced to promote the vehicle scrapping policy and help the state governments through the policy. This will help in reducing the burden of more than 50 lakh vehicles within Delhi, whose vehicles have been de-registered (cancelled) after the completion of the time period of the Transport Department.

Old vehicle ban

The percentage of vehicles being de-registered in the capital and the number of vehicles being scrapped is very low. It can also be estimated that last year only less than 10 thousand vehicles were scrapped. Delhi is very sensitive in terms of pollution. That’s why the government has banned the running of 10 years old diesel and more than 15 years old petrol vehicles.

53 lakh vehicle registration canceled

In such a situation, the registration of 53 lakh vehicles was canceled till December last year inside Delhi. In this maximum 46 lakh vehicles were petrol driven and the rest were diesel.

The Transport Department issued notices to 20,000 such vehicle owners who were standing somewhere in the colony, parking or other places.
Along with this, challans of 15 thousand vehicles which have completed the time period were also deducted.
Now eight scrap agencies are working in Delhi, but even after that the number of expired vehicles is quite high.

About 25 percent tax exemption will be given on the purchase of a new vehicle.
The government had started the new scrap policy from April 1, 2022. A provision was made in this that on scrapping the old vehicle, about 25 percent tax rebate would be given on the purchase of a new vehicle. Now transporters say that this policy was not very effective. Because only tax exemption is given in it and very less amount is available for scrapping old vehicles. For example, scrapping an old Maruti car fetches only 20 to 30 thousand rupees. Now if tax exemption is added, it barely comes down to Rs 35 to 40 thousand.

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